Double Up (Duroc)

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Drop Zone X Last Drop X Stand Tall
Bred by & Owned with Yantis & Becker 
Housed at Crossroads Genetics

– Awesome private purchase from one of the most potent sow lines currently in the breed!
– Mother is a littermate to Deal with It @ WTX, Reserve Champion Duroc at 2020 National Western, and Champion Duroc Barrow at 2020 San Angelo Stock Show!
– Grand dam originates from the Drake Hook firm and she was named Reserve Champion Duroc Gilt at 2019 Southeast Regional with that being the only time she was ever shown!
– Double Up is also a littermate to their popular Perfect Timing entries this past fall!
– An intensely linebred pedigree that combines the dominant ABF lines (Last Drop’s Mom & the Boling sow) that have overwhelmed the show ring as of late!
– A phenotypically impressive speciman that has a massive back, huge rib and great body shape!
– Sharp looking and level built with a square chest and hock!
– Crossbred muscle and mass that combines with an athletically comfortable skeleton!
– We think this one can be the next big thing for our Duroc program!
– Double Up on a winning pedigree and an incredible boar!