Duma (Chester)

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Sire: Box Office
Dam: Box Office Full Sib
oused at Southern Superior


When we visited Russel Kneese’s place the first time this fall, we knew we had to get eyes on this beast of a boar prospect we kept hearing about. Russel named “DUMA” when he was still on the sow, and there was no question whether or not this one would be retained as a boar. After multiple discussions and negotiations, we reached an agreement, and Russel retained an interest. We feel strongly that “DUMA” is going to make a huge impact in the Chester breed. His skeleton is not only comfortable and agile, but he’s also as dense and stout featured as any we’ve seen. His presence and build from the side makes him ideal to sire winning show barrows, and his comfort and athleticism will allow his offspring to perform at any level. His pedigree (Box Office x Box Office’s full sib) should remove any doubt as to his siring ability. We are thrilled to introduce “DUMA” to the public, feel free to contact John or Morgan for more information.