Duncan (Hereford)

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Housed at Reinhardt Mini Ranch

2021 Fall Classic Hereford Grand Champion Boar

This boar was actually an "unexpected gift" out of an unplanned litter... 

We had let our infamous boar Cheesehead out to stretch on the field... and he blessed us by breeding a sow we had been struggling to find in heat. That sow just so happen to be Blanche, the 2019 Hereford Nationals Grand Champion Gilt.

Although the litter was small, what was produced was OUTSTANDING. This April born son went to the Fall Classic in Duncan, OK and dominated the Hereford show against boars much older than him... hence his name. 

Stout and solid from the ground up, Duncan is where the next generation of Herefords are headed. He is sound as they come and we intend to use him heavily, as should you!