Eminem (Crossbred)

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Clear The Air x Genesis x Sky Zone
Bred and Owned with Hammock

An absolute “GANGSTER” of a white boar!! We have been following the Hammock white hog program for a while now after the incredible run they have had in that ring. We were very open with Mark and Cayden that we wanted “the one” from them this fall and Mark just kept telling me about a 3 litter boar he kept. He wasn’t ready to sell him during baby pig season but called me just a few weeks ago and said I had first dibs. He was everything we wanted and more! Absolutely perfect in his build with a big flexible rear leg and fat short toes. Eminem is dense with a awesome squareness from blade knee to ground and the same impressive view going away. The sow line he comes from is the heart of the Hammock herd with his grandma being the mother of the Champion and Res York barrows at Tulsa and State Fair last fall. We also think he brings value in his pedigree being a complete outcross to most of the white lineage in production today! Mark believes in the boar and actually told me he is his favorite they’ve made since the legendary “Full Court!” Eminem is going to get a big time chance here on black, blue, and white sows. We think one of the truly special ones we’ve had and can’t thank the Hammock crew enough for letting us have him. “The real slim Shady!”