Enter Sandman (Crossbred)

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Nightmare X Stay Class

Bred by Smith Showpigs, OK
  • Champion Crossbred Boar from 2023 SWTC!
  • Wild combination of a little different pedigree and next level pieces!
  • Sire is a product of a Kurt Morgan bred female that resides at 3rd Generation Genetics and reads with the pedigree of Blackbeard X Viper X Outmanned!
  • We had heard rumblings that the Champion Crossbred boar in Belton was an incredible animal and after visiting with Jim McCoy, felt like he was one that needed to stand here!
  • Since his arrival, this thing has been impressive with the wild pieces he offers!
  • Incredibly heavy boned, hard muscled, and sleek looking!
  • Build is comfortable when set into motion and hits square off both ends with a big chest!
  • Body mass matches and blends with his skeleton exceptionally well!
  • Hard, broad back that opens up with awesome spread and dimension!
  • We are pumped to have Enter Sandman stand alongside a big time set of new crossbred sires!
  • Put everyone in your path to bed with Enter Sandman!

Housed at Crossroads Genetics