Exclamation (Hampshire)

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Sire: Tripod
Dam: Lion Share
Bred by: Heimer Hampshires
Ear Notch: 323-5
Registration: 515074005

Exclamation is one of those boars that doesn’t come along very often, and one of the very best Hampshire boars that we have had or maybe ever seen. We don’t say those things just to promote our boars, we say what we believe and can stand behind. Honestly, one of the deepest Hampshire litters, with 6 littermates being shown at 2 National summer shows in 2023. 2 littermate brothers showed at the NJSS and were named 5 th  Overall Purebred Barrow and Champion Hampshire and the other Reserve Hampshire barrow. That Reserve barrow was also named Reserve Hampshire at the Expo. Platt Boys showed a littermate gilt in the spring and summer at the Midwest jackpots and was very successful every time out. This is a boar that we have loved from the start, and out of one unreal litter and is going to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Exclamation is one impressive critter that can make a non-Hampshire breeders do a double take. He is so stout in every area starting up high with crazy shape and width, he takes it to the ground up front and behind. He is killer from the side being tall fronted and level down his topline with a level tailset. Comes at you square and leaves with squareness, a good hock, and width and muscle. His shoulder is set back in him and his hind leg is able to flex and go from the side. He is a dark hided hog with great hair and is a very rare combination of a power hog, look hog, and flexible hog. Most that have seen him, get on the books for EXCLAMATION!!!!!

Housed at Upperhand Genetics