Fair Warning (Berkshire)

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EN: 2-7 // Reg: 173390007

- LITTERMATE SISTER WAS SUPREME CHAMPION - 2022 OYE - Very excited to introduce this one! Fair Warning was raised by our good friends the Claytor’s and we got to watch he and his litter mates grow up. His mother was the Champion Berk at COBA last year and the high seller at OYE. Fair Warning comes out of an incredible litter that has saw 3 different mates gather 11 Breed or reserve breed titles this winter and a couple top 5’s. The Res. Champion Berk at COBA Being one of those as well as the SUPREME CHAMPION AT OYE 2022. Fair Warning is EXOTIC in his look with the absolute best hind leg you’ll ever see on a Berkshire boar. We think he’s a Homerun on those chunkier Berkshire sows that need more look and presence. He’s got a big hip with a large rib cage that transitions in an incredibly neat neck. He’s been very popular on tours and one that looks like he’s going to get in some elite Berkshire sows around the country.