Fly By (Hampshire)

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Top Gun X Chatter

Bred by Dustin Turner
Owned with Wehmer Showpigs & Farrer Stock Farm
Ear Notch 13-5
Registration# 512448005

Exciting purchase from the 2022 STC!

-The Hampshire show was the record breaking and one of the best in years, so the momentum of the green shavings was immense, and this is the one that struck us!

-One that hit us hard for being good where Hampshires often need help!

-Packs a potent pedigree that represents a large portion of Hampshire success over the last couple years!

-A trendy made one that is elevated and attractive!

-Sleek look, level made from the side and back through his hip!

-Square and durable at the ground with a lengthy step and comfortable motion!

-Muscle shape and bulk that proportion exceptionally well!

-Looks like a show hog that can simply make them better!

-Get everyone’s attention with FLY BY!

Housed at Crossroads Genetics