Glory Days (Crossbred)

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Sire: Quite Frankly
Dam: Kinda Big Deal (Cinderella)
Bred by: Team Sloan & Hilty Showpigs
Owned with: Rosebird Showpigs
Ear Notch: 152-2
Stress Status: Carrier

Glory Days is our mature purchase from Sloan and Hilty and is a littermate to Good Company. He is one that we knew we needed to have beside his brother after seeing his first crop. His mother is the famous $95,000 World Record Selling Cinderella sow that won the 2021 Expo from JD Showpigs. This boar was a blast to see him mature and grow up. He has looked the same from the start as he does now and is very impressive. He is a stress carrier and we liked to see that because there is some true shape and muscle that is needed in the barrow ring. We know these pigs are good and have all the extras that it takes to have them win at the next level.

Glory Days is one powerful dude that first crop is the right type and kind and breeding just like we thought him and his brother Good Company would. He brings moderation and power to the table being more moderate framed and shorter length of side. He is one that offers extra shape and mass up high and has that crazy shape that won’t go out of style and give the offspring that extra edge and advantage. Glory Days is heavy boned, big footed, and one that for that much mass and power is square hocked. If want to keep winning at big time levels or get back to winning, then think of GLORY DAYS!!!!