Got Legs (Crossbred)

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Bred by: Kuhlow

Got Legs is one that gets me excited. Before you ask, yes, he got his name because he has some of the biggest legs I’ve ever seen on a hog. I promise you though, this guy has far more than just legs. When I first saw this guy, he blew me away and the more I studied him, the more I liked him. This guy has a huge, square, level top, and a muscular hip. He is super sound and has that show ring look that I like. I think this guy is going to make outstanding blues, or if you breed him to a Yorkshire sow, he might take the Southwest Yorkshires to a different level. This guy is a monster, so if you’re afraid of raw power and bone, then you might just need to look at a different boar. 

Housed at Southern Gold Sires