Guardrail (Hereford)

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RAISED BY: Clint High
OWNED WITH: Corya Family Showpigs, Jervis Showpigs, Albright Swine Farms, Walker Showpigs & Boar Stud, DKJ Genetics, and Clint High Showpigs

-What the breed has been looking for, and the winningest group of breeders in the breed wanted in fast
-STOUT, STOUT, STOUT. Guardrail has as much rib, bulk, and width as the breed has ever seen
-DENSE DENSE DENSE. As heavy structured, stout skulled, and big armed as they come
-Took us a few blades, but once we got about 4 inches of hair off Guardrail’s neck and face we couldn’t believe just how much more natural presence, extension, and wow factor this thing’s got from the side, and as an added bonus his hips about as long and level as you could ever ask it to be
-A vehicle/trailer accident left him hobbled at the show but within 14 days it looks as tho we may have grabbed the steal of Springfield.
-Barrows, gilts you name it, Guardrail is the next step for the breed and an outcross to most

Housed at Beaman Show Stock