Gut Reaction (Yorkshire)

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Raised by: Showtime Sires
Purchased at: The Kingpins

*We said we’d never own a Yorkshire sire until this one hit the preview pen at The Kingpins and he’s grown into one of the most impressive animals to ever stand in stud here, and still comes as an outcross to many of the popular boars being layed in across the country

*We’ve aggressively been buying Yorkshire females to reboot the Yorkshire program simply because of GUT REACTION.

*The BREED EM ALL kind that takes takes elite Yorkshire pigs to the next level. They don’t come this naturally elevated, square edged, opened up, and to still hit the surface as true as any we’ve seen with bones this big

*You can not lay a front foot, pastern, and shoulder in one any more ideal, and come with this much punch

*Study the length and levelness of hip combined with his impressive pinset and natural length of stride.

*When you make this this bulky yet keep them attractive in their lines and elite in their build we believe there’s a place here for us to even reach as far as to making light cross pigs that can win shows in the first generation, and still put some predictability back into the keeper pen

Housed at Beaman Show Stock