Hands To Yourself (Crossbred)

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Never Before x Undisputed x Solid Monster
Housed at Ottenwalter Showpigs

-Hands to Yourself is the boar we’ve been wanting and needing in our program and we are absolutely jacked to be able to put him in the stud! Special thanks to our good friend Kyle Hicks in Oklahoma for working with us on bringing him and Back to the Future to Colusa.

-Littermate to the popular End Game boar at Laird’s and this is the one who was sold as a baby pig with the intention of winning a barrow show! Hands to Yourself is tall fronted, short backed and extra big legged with a killer look through his front end. His pastern set is perfect and his hip, hind leg, and range of motion is textbook.

-Pedigree-wise, it simply does not get any better! He’s intensely linebred Super Monster and Super 7 on the bottom side and goes back to Kyle’s original foundation sow line. He is breeding lots and lots of females in Colusa!