High Society (Yorkshire)

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Commotion x Dynamic x Unleaded

Registration # 657093001
EN: 5-1

Bred By: Blaine Slayton

High Society is the $25,000 Reserve Grand Champion Yorkshire Boar at the 2022 Summer Type Conference, purchased from Blaine Slayton! His dam is also the mother of Tik Tok at Crossroad Genetics. We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to bring home such an intriguing individual. We truly believe High Society will play a major role in the future success of the Yorkshire industry.

The most difficult boars to write descriptions on are the elite ones we’re absolutely obsessed with High Society. I know it sounds dumb, but it feels like they’re watching over your shoulder thinking, “seriously that’s all you can come up with?” High Society has what we consider the perfect muscle design distributed evenly from front to back with added center of body. High Society is monster legged and stout featured throughout. He comes at you with a wide, square chest floor and leaves with an incredible hock placement. With every step, he plants his feet down with precision and takes a long comfortable stride. High Society has the essential extension and elevation needed to win big. He combines the perfect balance of look, power, and structural correctness into one package. High Society’s unmatched design gives him the unique compatibility to be used across all types of sows.