Hold the Phone (Crossbred)

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Sire: Callin Dibs
Dam: Stick This
Bred by: WD Swine Farm
Ear Notch: 18-96

Stress Status: Negative
Housed at Upperhand Genetics 

Hold The Phone is our private purchase from WD Swine Farm and one that made the trip to Crossbred Classic, but became a true boar and Watje called me Friday asking if interested. When we got him out Sunday he looked the part and it was no question that we were taking him home. This boar is sired by Callin’ Dibs and one that is a shot different on the sow side for us and offers us a different style.

Hold The Phone is one that is incredible from the side being awesome looking out of his head and neck and tall fronted. He has great shape and muscle down his top with a very correct topline. Great set up front and behind with perfect pastern set and can flex and reach off both ends. Barrows and gilts that have this look and design from the side will be the kind that win big shows and WD Swine Farm has always had hogs with that look. Making attractive showpigs with shape and design will be made easier when using HOLD THE PHONE!!