Hole N 1 (Hampshire)

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Bred by and owned with Savage Genetics 
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-The last Bullseye son has found his way to Twelve Mile and we couldn’t be more thankful to team up with Blake and Todd Kennedy on this uniquely bred Hampshire boar
-More rib, body, and bulk than we’ve had in any Hampshire to land here at Beaman Show Stock, he’s gonna add mass and muscle in a hurry, the barrow maker we’ve been looking for
-Not built like a hamp, this one is so athletic and comfortable
-Extremely heavy structured, a quick fix to add lots of rear leg bone, forearm, and bigger feet
-Moderate in stature and extremely opened up as you work towards the foundation of Hole N 1’s skeleton.
-Great in his ability to collect his top line, remain level about his hip, and still be unique in his ability to drive his head way above his shoulder
-One we felt would be the perfect complement to those bigger outlined Top Gun daughters that need more punch, density, mass, and bone

Housed at Beaman Show Stock