Hollow Point (Berk)

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Special Effect X Bulletproof

Bred by Boyle Farms
Ear Notch: 1-3
Registration: 182659003

-The oldest Class Winner from the 2023 STC! 

-Sired by the $140,000 Special Effect that was Champion at The Exposition in 2022! 

-Mother is a Bulletproof X Monopoly that originated from Decker and hails from a highly successful sow line! 

-She is linebred for predictability as she is a Bulletproof bred back to his grandmother! 

-The Monopoly grandmother was the Reserve Berkshire Gilt at OYE in 2017 and has quite a list of accomplishments that she’s produced! That includes the Reserve Supreme Overall Gilt at OYE, Champion Berkshire Gilt at Ohio & Kentucky State Fairs, and Reserve Berkshire Barrow at Indy! She has also produced Bulletproof and the Champion Berkshire Gilt at Indy! 

-This is one that is very exciting from a three-dimensional standpoint! 

-He is broad backed, big ended and wide chested! 

-He has big legs that hit square off both ends! 

-Massive, shapely back that lays on top of a big, pliable rib cage! 

-Tall fronted and level made with a look that matches! 

-Color pattern is very suitable as well! 


-Shoot your shot in Berkshire arena that makes an impact when it hits with HOLLOW POINT!