Iron Fist (Crossbred)

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Punisher X End Game X Pistols Firing

Bred by & Owned with Corya & Zeller 
  • Big time acquisition from Corya & Zeller that combines 2 of our legendary Crossbred sires!
  • Punisher has quickly became a household name for the Crossroads brand, so adding a son of this caliber was a no brainer!
  • Mother originated from Trogdon and is a full sib to Last Dance! She is also a littermate to the 6th Overall Light Cross Gilt at OYE in 2021 that’s doing big things for TRU!
  • The ideal combination of the phenotypic traits that you would expect from this pedigree!
  • Wild looking and tall fronted with a level read from the side!
  • Giant legs and big feet that hit square off both ends and ideal in how they function on the move!
  • Impressive muscle expression up high while being short backed and round bodied!
  • His color pattern and the fact that he has several solid white and blue mates, make him a dual-purpose kind of sire when wanting to make those light crosses!
  • We are excited to set this one in amongst the strongest group of crosses we’ve ever assembled at one time!
  • Knock out your competitors with a hard swing of an Iron Fist!

Housed at Crossroads Genetics