I've Arrived (Cross)

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Sire: Curtain Call
Dam: Best Man X Colt 45

Stress Test: Negative

Bred by and Owned with Brinning Genetics

I'VE ARRIVED was a baby pig purchase out of a May pig sale in Texas. Blake and I happened to be at Shane's right before he was leaving for that sale in early May. We were there to look at all boar prospects, young and older. Upon leaving our conversation was about this little guy. This happened to be one time we were 100% on point. I'VE ARRIVED has grown into a man. Big feet, big legs, square coming and going with unbelievable soundness with his extreme look, height of shoulder, long neck and oh my, what a top and hip. All pictures and videos of this guy were taken while being on at most a 16% feed. A fair amount of the time on our gestation with no additives. We are super excited to use this one here.