Judgmental (Crossbred)

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Sire: Judgement Day
Dam: Close Enough
Bred by: Stohlquist Showpigs
Owned with: Hartzell Family Livestock
Ear Notch: 11-2
Stress Status: Negative

Housed at Upperhand Genetics


Judgmental is maybe the most impacting pig that we got to see in the spring of 2023 and was bought from Stohlquist Showpigs. All of our trips to look at pigs before their sales, we found this guy and was one impressive creature from the start. Mother is a high dollar private purchase from Brockman that the Cozart family showed at the 2022 Expo and got a piece of division. I had to work on Ryan a fair amount to get this guy landed. We teamed up with Hartzell Family Livestock to get him landed, and Stohlquist kept a big chunk and will be using heavy to bring some new blood into his impressive program.

Judgmental is the combination of a bigger hog and a power hog, and one that can be bred to so many current lines out there. He is monster in his bonework, has a big forearm, he is up on his toes and pastern set, and can get out and reach up front and leaves you with a square hock and hind leg. From the side, he offers more stretch in terms of length in front of his blade and length of hip, which I like and is needed for plenty of females out there. What is so impressive for a bigger hog is the amount of structure and the natural turn and shape up high is old school cool and can’t be fed into them. Making hogs that are extended and keeping shape and bone in them will be done with JUDGMENTAL!!!