Keep the Change (Berkshire)

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*Quite possibly one of the most versatile and unique animals we’ve ever laid our eyes on and without question one of the most talked about animals we’ve ever purchased

*If he generates his look, build, and proportions KTC will usher in a new era of elite berkshire swine that play into new heights

*His hind leg size and forearm couple with his unbelievably loose gate, levelness of rump, and natural openness to the lower portion of his body cavity and skeleton push everything we know about berkshire hogs to another level

*Elite proportions, KTC’s ability to be short bodied yet remain undeniably long and trim about his front end and jet level about his hip make him as versatile from a male or female making perspective as any

*Thank you to the Davis family for allowing us to partner on one we truly believe will move the needle further than any we’ve ever had the opportunity to affiliate ourselves with.



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