Land Mine (Yorkshire)

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Step One X Dynamite

Bred by & Owned with Robin Ridge Farms
Owned with Hahn Genetics
Registration: 659037001
Ear Notch: 14-1
  • Champion Yorkshire Boar 2023 WTC!
  • Incredible Champion boar that hit the green carpet in Georgia and immediately caught our attention!
  • Our good buddy Mike had told us he was taking one to Perry he thought was special, and he definitely delivered!
  • Robin Ridge has been as hot as anyone in the Yorkshire game recently and this one’s mother is no slouch, as she was the 5th Overall Yorkshire Gilt at OYE in 2021!
  • This one defines proportions and balance to a very high degree!
  • High headed and elevated up front while being level made!
  • Extra shape down his back with perfect pliability to his center body!
  • Legs are big and round and feet are large!
  • His length of stride hits where it should when he takes a big long step!
  • Huge chested and square hocked with clean joints and strong pasterns!
  • The next piece of the puzzle for our mighty Yorkshire program!
  • Cause your competition to have to watch their step with LAND MINE!!!