Lesson Learned (Crossbred)

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Sire: The Duke
Dam: Xtra Swag
Bred by: Soileau Farms
Ear Notch: 2-10
Stress Status: Negative

Lesson Learned is a mature purchase from The Stud and Soileau along side Skull & Bones, and extremely excited to get him so we can utilize him in the midwest. After getting some semen on him, we decided to ask Kelton would price this proven sire and we got the package deal done. A great sow family backing this guy from a proven boar and barrow making herd. His sire The Duke did such a great job not only winning in the showing but making females that are still showing up in many winning pedigrees.

Lesson Learned is one of the most impressive mature boars that you will ever see and sires just like he looks. Real good looking and tall fronted with a long extended head and neck, and huge chested and square at his knee which is needed in so many lines of hogs these days. He is boar that is going to fix pastern set and keep a hind leg square and flexible. This dude will bring some true shape and muscle back and one that you can take to those balance or plainer made females for best results. Sometimes going back and using an older boar that all the homework is done on makes it easier to get your LESSON LEARNED!!!!