Like A Rock (Yorkshire)

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Sire: Katmandu
Dam: Amped Up
Bred By: George Watson
Ear Notch: 13-9
Registration: 656845009
Housed at Upperhand Genetics 

Like A Rock is our off the farm purchase from George Watson and what a boar he put together. Watson’s hogs have worked for so many people for so long and a breeding program that is flat impressive on how they are built and feet and legs with those extras piled on top. Sired by Katmandu and in his first crop he sired two National Junior Champion Yorkshire Gilts for Thompson Brothers. This one has visitors stirred up, and offers all the good Watson hogs are known for but those extras as well.

Like A Rock is one powerful dude. That’s the first thing you notice when looking at the extra shape and muscle up high, and that is needed in the breed. This guy, on the side, is impressive being the ideal combination of frame and length to make junior hogs and breeding stock. High headed and tall fronted with a level tail set and unreal on the move with squareness and soundness off both ends. Comes with chest and leaves with a perfect hip and hind leg that is square and can reach. Heavy boned with perfect pasterns, giant feet, and toe spread. This is one of those very special Yorkshire boars that is an incredible built boar, that is built LIKE A ROCK!!!