Lonesome (Yorkshire)

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Sire: All By Myself
Dam: Roots
Bred By: Stohlquist Showpigs
Owned with: Hatzell Family Livestock
Ear Notch: 5-1
Registration: 661833001


Lonesome is our off the farm purchase from Stohlquist Showpigs that we teamed up with Hartzell Family Livestock to bring to Upperhand. He is a littermate to Stands Apart and was an impressive litter from the start. Sired by All by Myself and he is off to an amazing first crop and winning at all levels. Lonesome offers so many similar things as his sire, yet adds even more out there pieces. His mother is a gilt that was shown Ethan Stohlquist in 2022 and was named 3 rd  Overall Yorkshire at Expo. Lonesome’s littermate gilt was shown by the Fordice family and was named 4 th  Overall Yorkshire gilt at the 2023 Expo. Stohlquist has been the most dominate and influential herdmark in the Yorkshire breed in the past 7-10 years. We have been lucky enough to own some of those key and influential sires, but this one is arguably the combination and best of them all, and going to make a MARK!!!!

Lonesome is one that is the perfect combination of build and power. Looks like can make big ring gilts and powerful barrows and boars. He is tall fronted and killer looking from the side being stout headed and long necked. He is correct in his topline and opens up unreal in terms of power and shape on the top side of his skeleton and takes that same width to the ground. This boar is a heavy boned, big footed boar with that signature Stohlquist hair. Angle up front is great and uses his hind leg perfect and flexes and reaches. This boar going away might be the most impressive thing in terms of width, stifle shape, and upper hip muscle for a Yorkshire is as impressive as I have seen. When wanting to make them better with all the extras, it is going to be done with LONESOME!!!!