Loudmouth (Spot)

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Sire: Get Loud
Dam: Big Foot
Bred by: Lowdermilk Showpigs
Owned with: Doc Fischer/Wintex Farms/Schwecke Genetics
Ear Notch: 14-2
Registration: 157588002

Stress Status: Negative

Loud Mouth is the $37,000 Grand Champion Spot boar from the Indiana State Fair. Lowdermilk has been high on this boar for quite sometime, and after judge Will Winter named his champion our phone was going off the hook wondering if we were going to buy him. After one look at this guy, I said we are going to buy him to add to our killer set of Spot boars. He is the spot boar that can be bred to all different kinds of females and work to make barrows, gilts and boars. This one is very very special.

Loud Mouth is one that has no holes and the combination of power and look with awesome feet and legs and heavy structured. He is tall fronted and very attractive about his front end, yet stout skulled. Level and correct out of his blade and ham loin hook up. His angles are perfect up front and behind making him flex and reach off both ends. He is heavy boned and big footed. Great shape up high with width all the way to the ground and is as wide coming as he is going. Making champion Spots will be made easier with LOUD MOUTH!!!!