Maverick (Duroc)

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Hibachi X Backdraft 

Bred by Adam Beck & Family Showpigs 
Ear Notch 23-1
Registration # 430550001 
    • One of the most exciting Duroc boars we have ever added from ABF!
    • Littermate sister was Division 1 Champion at The Exposition 2022!
    • Mother was part of the impressive Backdraft litter from last summer, and she herself was the 3rd Overall Duroc Gilt at the 2021 Exposition and 4th Overall Duroc Gilt at the 2021 NJSS for Hunter Logue!
    • Littermate sisters to MAVERICK’S mother caught pieces of their division at the Exposition with one being named 4th Overall Duroc Gilt there, along with a littermate brother to them being named 4th Overall Barrow & Champion Duroc at Exposition as well!
    • Grand dam is a Next Chapter that is a littermate to Next Up and the mother of Diggin’ Up Bones!
    • Grand dam was an impressive show gilt, as she was the Grand Overall Gilt at the NJSA Eastern Regional and Reserve Supreme Overall Gilt & Champion Purebred at the American Royal in 2019!
    • MAVERICK checks the boxes with big marks when it comes to being a headliner Duroc boar at Crossroads!
    • His ability to combine proportions and take the extras to the next level is impressive!
    • Stout in his make up with large limbs and big paws that reach out and go smoothly off both ends!
    • Squareness to his chest and knee are ideal with the placement and utility to his hock and rear leg being ideal!
    • Body shape and mass match in an overall balanced look as he paints that elite showpig pattern from the side!
    • There are no limitations or challenges that cannot be met with MAVERICK in the driver’s seat!

    Housed at Crossroads Genetics