May We All 132 (Crossbred)

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May We All x Visionary 254-2 (Outbreak and Breaking Bad’s mom)
Housed at Ottenwalter


-We are pumped about this May We All son and he comes in a “clubbier” kind of package than daddy!

-Wicked sharp fronted and dynamite from the profile with heavy legs

-As unique as this cat is, he’s still built right in terms of his angles, pastern set, and reach off both ends

-Dam 254-2 may be the best on the farm and her first son studded, Outbreak, who we kept shut down to public semen sales last year, is doing an incredible job siring the majority of our elite prospects offered thus far in 2021. Not to mention his $50K littermate brother Breaking Bad, that we sold to Thompson’s in The Exchange has a bright future.

-Grand dam on the bottom side is the legendary 3-6 Swagger x Black Attack sow.

-The 132 litter was absolutely incredible, with all littermate gilts retained and a littermate boar sold to Shaffer’s Gold Rush that took LOTS of convincing for him to leave Colusa

-A limited amount of semen will be available on this guy starting the week of February 22nd. Book early!