Megatron (Hereford)

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Transformer X Anchor

Registration Number: 599360002
Ear Notch: 2-2
Bred by Ritter Family 
Owned with Jervis Showpigs, Nate & Eli Swenson, Corya Family Showpigs, Ron Haffner & Miller Farms

-Incredible Hereford purchase from 2021 STC!
-Fortunate to have an impressive set of Hereford breeders reach out and want to own part of this one!
-We can rest assured he’ll see his fair share of elite Hereford sows during breeding season!
-Comes from a highly successful litter with a mother backed by a winning pedigree!
-Sired by Transformer, the popular New Era son, that has been on a tear this summer!
-Boxy built with a big back and round body!
-Stout legs and feet that open up on both ends of his skeleton!
-Awesome shape and spread down his back!
-Still offers a neat look for the power he packs!
-Transformer your Hereford program to the next level with Megatron! 

Housed at Crossroad Genetics