Mi Amigo (Crossbred)

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Sire: Tricked Out
Dam: Never Before
Bred by: Tres Amigos Showpigs
Owned with: JD Showpigs
Ear Notch: 37-1
Stress Status: Negative

Mi Amigo is our mature pick up from JD Showpigs that was his purchase from Tres Amigos at the 2022 Holy Smokes Sale. He would be out of the dominate sow line that Tres has been winning with and out of one of those 35 litter Never Before sows. This would be the same mother that hit a good lick along with those sisters. Her last litter made the $45,000 gilt for Tres Amigos at the Top Shelf sale. Lots of power in the blood and hogs that continue to feed and make good big ones.

Mi Amigo is the combination of that Tres Amigos look and head and neck from the side with the added muscle and mass of his sire. Barrows and gilts that look like he did at show weight are going to make a top pen at all levels. Offers a great look up front with the right kind of muscle pattern and length of hip. Comes and goes with squareness and big ended with a stifle that has some definition and shape. He is impressive on the top side of his body, has turn and natural muscle, and a good center body. He is big about his arm and hind leg is massive and can get out and float off both ends. This boar can cover a wide range of females and I wouldn’t be scared to breed any kind to MI AMIGO!!!!