Mission (Duroc)

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Sire: Statement Day
Dam: So Cold (Creation Dam)
Bred by: Moyer Genetic Edge
Owned with: Franckowiak Showpigs
Ear Notch: 42-2
Registration: 437542002

Mission is our off the farm purchase from our good buddies at Moyer Genetic Edge. This litter was real good from top to bottom, and this guy was a standout. Sired by the dominating Statement Day and offers some of the same traits, yet adds some outlier pieces as well. This boar shares the same mother as Creation and we all know what he has done for the breed not only siring winners in the ring but sons and daughters that are flat getting it done. This pedigree is the combination of winning genetics on both sides and we feel can make a big time impact.

Mission is one that is incredible on the side profile being tall fronted and great in his lines with a level tail set. He comes at you so square and good about his chest and leaves with a great hip and hind leg that is square to the ground. He is one that is giant about his bonework and huge feet and toes. He is correct about his angles up front and set to hind leg allows him to reach and go. We feel that he can make winning junior hogs and breeding stock and if winning in the red ring is your goal then make it with MISSION!!!!