Modern Day (Crossbred)

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•Daylight x Endgame x Kingpin
•Bred by Justin Day & Hofschulte

The wait to introduce this one has been about more than I can stand.  Modern Day was the Day Family’s leadoff at the Brockman Farms spring sale. He comes from a tremendous sow line that is as decorated as any in the country right now. His mother was the $45k Todd gilt at OYE and is a littermate to the mother of the World Record setting gilt at Expo ‘23. Maybe the neatest part of his pedigree is the 15 litter kingpin sows behind him. The $27k Bunt kingpin sow that made Daylight is a littermate to the mother of those endgame sows and is currently working at Trogden’s, and Tru Genetics. Another 15 litter Kingpin sow sold most recently in the “Built the Brand” sale to Cantrell for a healthy price tag and had a tremendous litter. Modern Days Littermate sister fetched a $30k price tag as a baby at the spring Holy Smoke and was 4th Overall at Tulsa. His other sister was Res. Grand at Tulsa. If his pedigree isn’t enough, phenotypically he’s as out there as any to reside here and at the same time incredibly good built. We have the utmost confidence in this one to be an industry impact making kind of boar and plan to piled him into more sows that any boar ever in Warwick.