Money Moves (Crossbred)

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Moneys On x Backdrop (Roll Call sister and Mother of Bunt Grand at OYE 23’)

Money Moves Was our purchase from Perfect Timing ‘23! We are ecstatic to have this one! The 57 litter at Goss was so good last fall and we were chomping at the bit to try and own Money Moves from the first day we saw him. His mom is a second litter sow who happens to be a littermate to Roll Call. If that wasn't enough, In her first litter she made the Grand Overall Barrow at the Oklahoma Youth Expo for Bunt! Talk about Royalty in the Blood! Money Moves litter was expensive and so far have backed it up with several finding their way to the backdrop. Money Moves is so unique in how big chested he is with great big limbs but still remains sleek in his build with elite running gear. He also has tremendous shape up high and turn to his cage that we all die for in a show barrow. The Goss firm retained ownership in this one and their plans for usage are extremely high, I think that's a great testimony for what they think he's capable of. He's been a favorite among visitors and we expect him to be one that you'll hear from down the road! This one is the kind that makes BIG MOVES!!!