Motivation (Duroc)

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Sire- 42-3 (Full mate to Draft Pick at Shipley's)
Dam- Pack a Lunch X Lesson Plan X He's the One X Milestone
Housed at Purple Power
Bred by Beyers Farms

EN 1-4 Reg 420592004

MOTIVATION is a off the farm purchase from Brett Beyers in June 2021. We are super excited to add this guy to our battery. MOTIVATION comes from a packed genetic lineup that is fairly tight on both sides of his pedigree with a prominent 59-10 sow that Brett speaks highly of. In our opinion great breeding boars come from great sow lines. MOTIVATION is a boar that when you first look at him you see this boar skull and giraffe neck. I next see his huge feet and bones, wow is he dense. His squareness of chest, boldness to forearm, shape down his back, muscle from behind and the ability to take a long stride prove to be very positive for this guy. I can only speak for myself but this guy gives me MOTIVATION to breed more red females. MOTIVATIONS LITTERMATES WERE 3rd and 5th OVERALL BARROWS at NJSA SUMMER SPECTULAR