Neat Freak (Crossbred)

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Sire: Play It Cool
Dam: T-132
Bred by: Knauth Showpigs
Owned with: Tru Genetics
Ear Notch: 66-2
Stress Status: Negative

Neat Freak is the $120,000 boar from the 2021 The Kings Sale that is bred by Knauth Showpigs. Tru Genetics bought this guy and had at their place for the first season. He is for sure one that we needed and wanted to have after seeing the pigs. We tried to buy this stud from Knauth as a baby, and he was one absolute killer. Knauth Showpigs needs no introduction to winning and having a dominant program. This guy is out of the same crop as 3 Texas Major Grand Overalls and was arguably one of the very best pigs Knauth sold in 2021.

Neat Freak is one that generates like he looks, offering killer looking pigs from the side, long necked, and makes pigs that have the feeding look. Tall fronted and long necked, makes good belts and painted- up offspring. He is up on his toes, shoulder set is correct, and one that isn’t too long bodied or too big outlined. We feel he is ideal for being able to make both winning barrows and gilts. He offers extra bone, foot size, square coming, and leaves with great flex and reach off both ends. When breeding those power sows that need to have better proportions, a better design and look, then clean them up with NEAT FREAK!!!!