Nickel (Duroc)

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Sire: Statement Day
Dam: Backdraft
Bred by: Cole Phillips/Lackey Livestock
Ear Notch: 22-2
Registration: 439076002

Nickel is the Statement Day son from the 2023 Lackey Spring sale that new red breeder Cole Phillips raised. Mother of this guy was bought as a bred gilt the previous litter from Lackey Livestock and one that goes back to the sow line that they have been winning with. Mother of this guy is the mother of Big Guy that Lackey sold and also the littermate winning gilt for Brantley Platt in 2022. This guy’s littermate brother was Grand Duroc Boar at the 2023 Fall Classic and brought $58,000. To be transparent to everyone, this boar is short underlined so if that is a concern to you, then be advised, but personally we have rolled on and went with it. Nickel was very popular at the sale and after I bought other breeders reached out to buy in. We were on the fence to cut or keep and after a shoulder injury young we decided to keep a boar and what a blessing it was not to cut this one.

Nickel is one barrow making machine and as barrow oriented of a Statement Day son that we have seen to date. He is moderate in his build both from a length and frame standpoint. He is very bold and wide coming at you and leaves with shape and power. He is as big up high as he is down low. Love this guy's natural shape and spread up high and is awesome in terms of rib and body shape. He is big legged and has big feet and set off both ends is correct, allowing him to get out and flex and reach for a power hog. When needing to make them stouter and wider, keep feet and legs in check, I’d flip to NICKEL!!!!