Orbit (Chester)

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Delta X Custom Made (Perfect Fit’s Sister)

Bred & Owned with Beyers Farms, TX
Ear Notch 6-2 
Registration # 159452002

Housed at Crossroads Genetics

  • -One of our very favorite boars that we have ever added from Beyers!

  • With the success Perfect Fit has created, when Beyers said he had one that is maybe the best one he’s raised we had to act quick!

  • Awesome blend of look, balance, and design with stoutness of feature and power!

  • Will make gilts and barrows that WILL win banners! 

  • Hails from an outstanding litter that includes the Champion WOPB Barrow 2022 State Fair of Texas, Champion Chester Barrow 2022 American Royal, 4th Overall Purebred Barrow & Champion Chester 2022 Aksarben, Champion Chester 2022 Tri-State Fair & Rodeo, and Champion Chester Barrow 2022 Kansas State Fair!  

  • Not much needs said on this one……. Study his picture, pedigree, and the firm that raised him, and it is easy to see why he will do big things!