Outbreak (Crossbred)

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Breaking Rules x Visionary x Swagger 3-6
Housed at Ottenwalter Showpigs

-The future is bright ladies and gentlemen!

-We’ve been absolutely pumped about the pair of 190 litter boars since we started them and ultimately we offered the 190-1 boar that sold to Thompsons in The Exchange and retained this guy

-Pedigree contains five shots of the great 3-6 (Swagger x Black Attack) sow, who is also his maternal grand dam

-Littermate barrow posted multiple virtual show wins for the Hendrickson family in early summer 2020, while another mate barrow was Grand Overall at the Colusa County Fair. The rest of the 190 litter topped our January sale and they’ve fed extremely well.

-Next level hip and hind leg, with an impeccable front end, chest, and he-man skull. Pastern set is perfect, range of motion is second to none, and this cat is enormous on his top side with more pin width and genuine bulk than most from this genetic line.