Outsider (Crossbred)

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Tricked Out X Never Before

Bred by & owned with Outlaw Durocs & Joey Carter
  • Big time private purchase from the deep south of Mississippi!
  • When we received the video of this creature, it didn’t take long to get him secured!
  • With the popularity of our newer crossbred boars, we felt we needed to put him right in the mix of things!
  • From a potent line of Mississippi royalty, as his mother and sister were both highly competitive at the Dixie National the last few years!
  • Mother was the Grand Overall MS Bred Gilt at Dixie in 2021 and his sister was named Reserve Grand Overall MS Bred Gilt at Dixie in 2023!
  • This one simply reads STOUT and FUNDAMENTAL!
  • Huge limbs for legs and paws for feet that motor and function with ease!
  • Perfect set and flex to his rear hock and foot!
  • Grizzly bodied with a big round rib cage and lots of shag!
  • Square, shapely top that opens up with great spread!
  • Patterns ideally from the side with the right length of body and look up front to match his skeleton!
  • Love the addition of OUTSIDER and feel he will do some big time stuff for us based on his popularity with visitors!

Housed at Crossroads Genetics