Overhaul (Duroc)

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Upgrade X Full Throttle X New Direction

Bred by & Owned with Beyers Farms
Ear Notch 66-1
Registration# 428599001

Housed at Crossroads Genetics

– $20,000 choice lot from the 2022 edition of The Draft!

– Awesome boar with a potent pedigree from one of the strongest Duroc herds in existence!

– Grand dam produced the popular Pack A Lunch boar that created lots of success for the Beyers firm, along with being the grandmother of the popular Creation boar at Upperhand!

– Grand dam also produced the Grand Overall Land of Lincoln Barrow in 2019 for the Bobell family and is the grand dam of the Reserve Duroc Barrow at 2022 San Antonio!

– Huge legged one that is square built off both ends with the comfort and ease it takes to win hog show!

– Ideal proportions in how he blends mass, muscle, and bulk onto a balanced skeleton!

– One we feel is suited to match up ideally with the Backdraft oriented lines!

– OVERHAUL your Duroc program with this special one from Beyers!