Overtime (Landrace)

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Sire: Clocks Ticking
Dam: Kool Kat

(Champion Landrace Gilt 2016 Ft. Worth)

Bred By: Knauth Showpigs
Ear Notch: 1-2
Registration#: 148350002

The dam of Overtime would be our Kool Kat sow that has become the cornerstone of our Landrace program. She was Champion Landrace Gilt at Ft. Worth and is the dam or grandam of a majority of our National & State Champions over the past couple years. Most notably being the dam of the Champion Landrace Gilt 2018 WPX (littermate to Overtime) and also the grandam of the Champion Landrace gilt 2018 NJSS.

Overtime is without question one of the best Landrace boars we have had the pleasure to utilize in our herd. He is so square coming and going while being up on his pasterns and having genuine muscle. We love how he is so balanced and proportional when viewed from the side as well. The first Overtime pigs have been feeding incredibly well so far and we feel the best is yet to come.


Housed at Knauth+Olson