Perspective (Duroc)

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Work of Art x Deal With It’s Sister (Last Drop x Stand Tall)
Raised by: Yantis Swine Farm

*1/2 of the $100,000 purchase from Yantis Swine Farms
*The far reaching one in the initial duo from a freak look, hard backshape, build, and length of hip standpoint
*Zero give in term of skeletal build. Perfect in his range of motion, squareness of knee and chest, and extreme length of step. This things comfy
*Big ring presence- his ability to stretch as far and unique as he does off of both end of his framework without sacrificing cage and mid body spread is unreal
*His initial impression of added stoutness of feature, arm, root, and rear leg density look to be indicators of a hog that’ll keep them rugid with that added wow factor and motor
*If the pairs phenotype isn’t enough Philosophy and Perspective are backed by one of the most impressive red sows on the planet and Work of Art offspring have lit up the show ring this season with no signs of stopping

Housed at Beaman Show Stock