Petting Zoo (Tamworth)

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Bred by ABF
  • Big-time Tamworth addition from the highly successful ABF brand!
  • A standout from an early age that we are excited to offer!
  • Royal lineage that is full of legends and banner hangers!
  • Dam was the Champion Tamworth Gilt @ Indy in 2020!
  • Grand Dam was a littermate to the winningest Tamworth Barrow to date, Timmy.  He was the 30 time Champ or Reserve Champion Tamworth Barrow for Cylee Morris in 2019, with his marquee win being named Champion Tamworth Barrow @ Indy!
  • Great Grand Dam was the Champion Tamworth Gilt @ Indy in 2018!
  • Petting Zoo is a full sib to the Champion Tamworth Barrow @ Denver in 2022 for Harper Heimer, as well as, the 2021 Champion Tamworth Gilt @ NJSS for Lily Beck!
  • This one is an absolute outlier for this breed when it comes to being heavy duty and three dimensional!
  • Gigantic legs and huge feet! Easily the heaviest boned Tamworth boar we’ve ever seen!
  • Tall fronted and level built with a neat look to his front end!
  • Impressive spread down his top with a big, round rib cage and expressive muscle shape!
  • Awesome build and flex to his skeleton!
  • In the line of Tamworth boars that have stood here, we feel this one is going to leave his imprint much like his daddy and dam’s sire did for us!
  • We expect PETTING ZOO to make offspring that everyone will be wanting to get their hands on!!!

Housed at Crossroads Genetics