Philosophy (Duroc)

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Work of Art x Deal With It’s Sister (Last Drop x Stand Tall)

*Part 2 of the $100,000 purchase from Yantis Swine Farms
*Not just the stoutest in the pair of brothers, but quite possibly the stoutest animal to land here since our start
*Breeding versatility at its finest-A stout, masculine, he-hog that’s extremely athletic, and can still prop up and balance. What we need em all to look like in ‘23 in the breeding barn
*Still trying to figure out how Yantis created one this out on the corners but is still this loose built and comfortable, with such a neat look. Watch the video
*Our jaws dropped 2 steps out of the barn, Philosophy is abnormally short spined, broad armed, stout hipped, and PUNCHY backed. The breed em all kind that can move you straight to the top in a hurry
*If the pairs phenotype isn’t enough, Philosophy and Perspective are backed by one of the most impressive red sows on the planet and Work of Art offspring have lit up the show ring this season with no signs of stopping

Housed at Beaman Show Stock