Play it Again 110-4 (Yorkshire)

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SS Play It Again 32-5 x SS High Country
Bred by Showtime

EN: 110-4
Registration #625111004

Stress: Negative

- Results from some R&D projects here at Showtime, stemming from some frozen SLI PLAY IT AGAIN 5-12 semen!
- High Country’s Dam has been an influential piece to our Yorkshire program and his tightly bred into 110-4’s pedigree.
She not only is the granddam of 110-4 but also is his great granddam twice!

- Certainly a unique outcross pedigree that brings some predictability and plan to use as a fixer for some Yorkshire problems we deal with today.
- No junk in 3 generations it took to make him! No short underlines. No extra dewclaws. No ruptures or cryptorchids.
- Will fix pasterns, build, and look.
- Will bring extra shape of muscle
- Old School pedigree usable today!
- Littermate gilt was popular gilt our son showed in Perry, GA last winter.

Housed at Showtime Sires