Popeye (Crossbred)

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Bred by: Weisinger Farms

Housed at Southern Gold Sires

Shiver me timbers! This guy may just blow you down when he walks into the room. Popeye is definitely becoming a favorite of many visitors and it’s easy to see why. This dude is built like a brick you know what house. He’s big-legged, big-footed, has a big wide chest coming at you, and has that look from the side profile that’s really going to peak your curiosity. Once he makes a turn and goes away or turns and comes at you, he’s going to have your full attention with all his power and mass. This one’s hard to pick a hole in. He is the real deal and has the complete package. He is my kind of hog. He has power with style. Really do not need to say a whole lot more. This guy is a powerhouse, no spinach required.