Pure Intention (Crossbred)

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True Intention x Safe Word 32-7 x Chasin’ Fame 2-4 x Visionary 7-5

Bred By: Warren Bros. Genetics
Stress: Negative

His mom Safe Word 32-7 is a littermate to the dam of; WiFi the $25,000 High Selling Crossbred Boar at the 2021 Southwest Type Conference shown by Edwards Family Showpigs and to the popular class winner at the 2019 American Royal shown by Sydney Hanson. Chasin’ Fame 2-4 is the dam of Eye Candy and a littermate to Cashin’ Out and a ¾ sib to Renovation and Demolition. Visionary 7-5 is the dam of Keep Em’ Coming, Hook Shot, Head Games, Obsession, Demolition, Renovation, and Cashin’ Out. She is also the maternal grand dam of Barely Legal, Striking Distance, Eye Candy, POV, and Night Sweats. Visionary 7-5 had a tremendous show career during the summer of 2015! She got her warmup laps in when she snagged multiple jackpot titles. Then she was the Division 1 Champion at the World Pork Expo! She went on to pick up another national title when she was the Junior Division Champion at the Crossbred Classic! With this stout list of banners there was no doubt that we need to bring this girl back home.

Futuristic in his design. Pure Intention is ultra-tall fronted with an extremely sleek and extended head carriage. He is flawless out of his angles, allowing for an increased range of motion on the move. Even with all that flash, Pure Intention is still strapped up and packing some heat. He has an extremely unique hip and hindleg. Pure Intention is monster hipped with a bunch of shape from the top side of his hip down through his stifle. His extra length of hip with an enormous hind leg is just the cherry on top. Pure Intention is busted open through his chest floor and massive legged. He’s extremely proportionate with the perfect combo of look and extra wow factor.