Raise Em Up (Hampshire)

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Sire: Tongue Tied
Dam: Jack Knife
Bred by: JJ Genetics
Owned with: Fecke Livestock
Ear Notch: 27-1
Registration: 488628001

Raise Em Up was the $30,000 Grand Champion Hampshire Boar 2015 STC. Here is one real good Hampshire boar that hit us hard and brings a different pedigree here as well as many of the winning pedigrees out there. There isn’t any of the impacting Point Maker or Point Taken lines in this pedigree, and just one shot of Augusta on the grandmother side. This boar we feel can making easy selling babies that still have grow and future with a fresh pedigree.

Raise Em Up is one super good looking hog that is elevated being tall fronted with a strong topline and level hipped. Unreal amounts of shape and power on the top side with great center body and flesh. He is a big ended boar with stifle shape and power that matches at the ground. He is heavy boned and big footed with correct pasterns and awesome from a flex and reach standpoint. He is the combination of look and design in a bigger package, yet has as much power and width that you can pack in one. He can make champion pures and crosses that will make us all want to RAISE EM UP!!!!

Housed at Upperhand Genetics