Red Kingdom (Duroc)

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Backdraft X The Process X Bomb Squad’s Mom

Bred by Mosteller Showpigs
Owned with Mosteller & DMANN Genetics
Ear Notch: 1-7
Registration: 414962007
Stress Negative

Housed at Crossroads Genetics

– One of the most talked about Backdraft sons in the country!
– The red dirt has been stirring across Oklahoma with the buzz on how good this one is and how good his babies look!
– A lined up pedigree of proven winners and eye grabbing phenotypes!
– An impressive animal that combines barrow like proportions in a trendy and elevated package!
– Awesome shape and spread that you expect from Backdraft offspring!
– Impeccable build and balance that make this one an instant headliner!
– Should carry on the legacy his sire has blazed the trail with!
– Easily one of the most exciting Duroc boars to ever stand at Crossroads!!!