Rent Money (Crossbred)

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Sire: King Pin
Dam: Bad To The Bone
Bred by: Hilty Showpigs
Owned with: Tru Genetics
Ear Notch: 10-6
Stress Status: Negative

Rent Money is our baby pig purchase from the 2021 The Kingpins sale that we teamed up with Tru Genetics to buy. We were penned by this dude and kept watching him. After talking to Hilty and how much confidence he had in this New Castle sow he bought and the way the King Pin sired hogs need to look, we fired and man are we glad we did. This guy was a stud baby pig and he is a flat hammer grown up. We like the combination on what this guy’s pedigree pulls together and excited to see what he is going to do for us and many others.

Rent Money is one that is awesome looking from the side, tall fronted, and level built with a great tail set. On top, he opens up with great shape, mass, and one that is incredible as he leaves you with a big hip, huge hind leg, and dead square to the ground. He offers a big forearm and set is right up front and plants and drives so well out of his hip and hind leg. Using this guy would make some great pigs, and profit would help everyone pay some RENT MONEY!!!!